Theatrical excursion "No. 50. Flat with a strange reputation"

It is possible to show in English.

                       What can be expected from the 50th apartment?

                                        Of course, surprises!
                                          Pleasant? - you ask.

Have you been to the "bad flat number 50" and it seemed to you that something was missing? ...
Yes, we understand you! This whole atmosphere described in the novel by Mikhail Afanasevich is not too noticeable, everything is relatively quiet and calm, there is no evil spirits in the "Bulgakov spirit" ... unless the Begemot cat was noticed by your attentive eye, and yet it will not be enough?
Then we have a proposal for you to get into the past, well, or to mix in the present with the characters of the past - however, who likes what, the venerable Koroviev says!
In this excursion "bad apartment number 50" LIVES!
And this is not a joke, not just a performance or a costume masquerade ball - THEY EXIST! (The Begemot cat will not let you lie)
Annushka, who sheds and sheds vegetable oil, Begemot cat always repairing stoves, Koroviev with his dead companion Gella ... all this gang really lives in that same bad apartment.

Bulgakov characters will do their best to interfere with a conscientious guide. No excess mysticism with scarecrows and horror stories, all just commeilfaut in the style of friendly hoaxes, and in the best traditions of the scandalous communal apartment. Begemot cat with a primus, Annushka with vegetable oil and Gella with a sword, as well as choral singing and treats.

This excursion will turn out serious or not serious - for each question is individual.

Alena Chubarova, Irina Egorova

Roles are performed by:
KOROVIEV: Alexander Ogorodov / Stanislav Kleshev / Maxim Yakimov
CAT  Begemot: Dmitry Mayorov / Yuri Bazylko / Fedor Bodunov
ANNUSHA: Irina Egorova / Elena Tokmakova-Gorbushina / Valentina Savostyanova
GELLA: Ksenia Klyueva / Natalya Gorbatovskaya / Anna Demidova
INVESTIGATOR: Alyona Chubarova / Elena Tokmakova-Gorbushina / Ksenia Sharova / Anna Demidova

Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes
The premiere took place on February 11, 2013.

Guides: Ivan NAZAROV (candidate of philological sciences, research fellow of the museum M.A. Bulgakova) / Irina SEROVA (leading methodologist for museum educational activities of the museum M.A. Bulgakova)

                                                             Ирина СЕРОВА                      Иван НАЗАРОВ

Ordering a special group excursion - by phone: +7 (925) 761-57-11

The price of a group excursion is 35,000 rubles.for privileged groups (schoolchildren and college students; senior citizens) - 25,000 rubles.

It’s better to book an excursion in advance (at least 1 week before the date of display). This is necessary for the preliminary reservation of the site and the solution of all related issues.